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Spanish Injury Resources

As a service to the Spanish-speaking community, a list of injury prevention materials in Spanish is provided below. The Colorado Injury Control Research Center has not evaluated the following materials and in no way endorses these materials. The sole purpose is to provide a comprehensive list of injury materials in Spanish.

Available: National Center for Farmworker Health
Materials: Resource Center - Information in Spanish, Movies, Brochures
Safety issues addressed: Occupational Health & Safety, Pesticide Poisoning, General Health
Contact: (800) 531-5120
Home Page:

Available: National Children's Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety
Materials: On-line Poster 
There are various on-ling posters to help parents decide when a child is developmentally ready for farm work tasks. This information can be downloaded or purchased as a resource. 
Safety issues addressed: rural and agricultural environmental tasks for children
Contact: (715) 389-4999, Nancy Esser. 

Available: Ergonomics for Farm Workers
Materials: Brochures
Soluciones Simples: Ergonomia Para Trabajadores Agricoles provides solutions to ergonomic injuries to farm workers.
The brochure is available in both English and Spanish.
Contact: website below

Available: Programas Comunitarios Latino/Hispanic
Materials: Mixed: Brochures, Videos, Pamphlets, Books, Stickers, Coloring Books, Kits
Safety issues addressed: Alcohol, Aggressive Driving, Occupant Protection, Pedestrian Safety, Emergency Medical Services
Contact: website below

Available: Injury Free Coalition for Kids
Materials: Video geared toward elementary school aged children and a fotonovela which is used in discussion groups with Spanish speaking parents
Safety issues addressed: Child passenger safety
Contact: website below

Available: Published by: Safety Belt USA
Materials: Numerous materials in Spanish, including a brochure which targets low literacy individuals
Safety issues addressed: Child passenger safety
Contact: website below

Available: National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Material: Brochures and Posters
Safety issues addressed: Domestic Violence
Contact: 800-537-2238 (Voice - Toll-free)

Available: National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence 
Material: General web site for the elimination of domestic violence affecting Latino communities. 
Safety issues addressed: Domestic Violence
Contact: Website Below

Available: National Domestic Violence Hotline (in Spanish) 
Material: General information on domestic violence. 
Safety issues addressed: Domestic Violence
Contact: Website Below 

Domestic Violence Recovery Center

Available: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Materials: Brochures 
Safety issues addressed: "Información Acerca de la Lesión Cerebral Leve" A Brochure for Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury and Finding Community Resources
Contact:1-800-444-6443 (Spanish & English Speakers)

Available: American Association of Poison Control Centers 
Materials: Brochures, Prevention Tips, Prevention Jingle in English & Spanish
Safety issues addressed: Poison Prevention & Poisonings 
Contact: 1-800-222-1222 & website below

Available: Published by: Migrant Clinicians Network
Materials: manuals, videos, posters, public service announcements
Safety issues addressed: Domestic Violence, Primary Eye Care, Diabetes, Mental Health, Protection from Pesticide Exposure
Contact: website below

Available: The National Fire Protection Association
Materials: Brochures, Posters
Safety issues addressed: Fire prevention and safety
Contact: website below

Available: Women Make Movies
Materials: videos
Safety issues addressed: Films address social and emotional pressures among women, specifically young women.
Contact: website below

Available: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Materials: newsletters, brochures, tool kits, articles
Safety issues addressed: injury prevention, fire prevention and safety, bicycle helmets, violence in schools
Contact: website below

Available: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
Materials: Current information and articles
Safety issues addressed: Workplace safety and health information for various occupations
Contact: website below

Available: Federal Emergency Management Association 
Materials: Safety and prevention information
Safety issues addressed: Natural Disaster Information and Prevention 
Contact: website below

Available: Housing & Mortgages for Hispanics
Materials: general home buying process information
Safety issues addressed: A guide to housing and Finding Community Resources
Contact: website below