Faculty MemberOffice LocationPhone
Patricia A. Aloise-Young faculty photoPatricia A. Aloise-Young, Associate Professor221 BHSCI(970) 491-6941
Marti Amberg faculty photoMarti Amberg, 235 BHSCI(970) 491-6972
Rachel E. Brenner faculty photoRachel E. Brenner, Assistant Professor207 BHSCI(970) 491-6954
Michael Brinker faculty photoMichael Brinker, Assistant Professor and PSC DirectorSage Hall 103
Zinta S. Byrne faculty photoZinta S. Byrne, Professor, I/O Program Coordinator223 BHSCI(970) 491-6982
Silvia Sara Canetto faculty photoSilvia Sara Canetto, Professor(970) 491-5415
Ernest L. Chavez faculty photoErnest L. Chavez, Professor341 BHSCI(970) 491-1354
Anne Cleary faculty photoAnne Cleary, Professor243 BHSCI(970) 491-7701
Benjamin A. Clegg faculty photoBenjamin A. Clegg, Professor244 BHSCI(970) 491-2211
 Jeanette N. Cleveland faculty photo Jeanette N. Cleveland, Professor225 BHSCI(970) 491-4135
Bradley Conner faculty photoBradley Conner, Associate Professor, Director of Addiction Counseling345 BHSCI(970) 491-6197
Deana Davalos faculty photoDeana Davalos, Professor239 BHSCI(970) 491-5548
Edward L. DeLosh faculty photoEdward L. DeLosh, Associate Professor245 BHSCI(970) 491-5389
Bryan Dik faculty photoBryan Dik, Professor209 BHSCI(970) 491-3235
Noah Emery faculty photoNoah Emery, Assistant Professor344 BHSCI(970) 491-5905
Gwenith G. Fisher faculty photoGwenith G. Fisher, Associate Professor, Director, Occupational Health Psychology Concentration228 BHSCI(970) 491-2837
Alyssa Gibbons faculty photoAlyssa Gibbons, Assistant Professor227 BHSCI(970) 491-4940
Karla Gingerich faculty photoKarla Gingerich, Associate Professor216 BHSCI(970) 491-3937
Daniel Graham faculty photoDaniel Graham, Associate Professor217 BHSCI(970) 491-6561
Jennifer Jill Harman faculty photoJennifer Jill Harman, Associate Professor, Applied Social program coordinator219 BHSCI(970) 491-1529
Kate Hebert faculty photoKate Hebert, Assistant Professor246 BHSCI(970) 491-6933
Kimberly Henry faculty photoKimberly Henry, Professor220 BHSCI(970) 491-5109
Hollis Karoly faculty photoHollis Karoly, Assistant Professor347 BHSCI(970) 491-3677
Emily Merz faculty photoEmily Merz, Assistant Professor205 BHSCI(970) 491-2317
Kevin Murphy faculty photoKevin Murphy, Instructor
Janice L. Nerger faculty photoJanice L. Nerger, Dean/CNS Professor
Joshua Prasad faculty photoJoshua Prasad, Assistant Professor222 BHSCI(970) 491-4942
Mark Prince faculty photoMark Prince, Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Addiction Counseling343 BHSCI(970) 491-1377
Matthew Rhodes faculty photoMatthew Rhodes, Professor242 BHSCI(970) 491-6624
Tracy Richards faculty photoTracy Richards, Associate Professor/Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs218 BHSCI(970) 491-4943
Kathryn Rickard faculty photoKathryn Rickard, Associate Professor, CSU Faculty Ombuds211 BHSCI (Psychology) 316 General Services Building (Ombuds)(970) 491-5121
Don Rojas faculty photoDon Rojas, Department Chair, Professor201 BHSCI(970) 491-5213
Lee A. Rosen faculty photoLee A. Rosen, Professor207 BHSCI(970) 491-5925
Carol A. Seger faculty photoCarol A. Seger, Professor240 BHSCI(970) 491-3540
Lorann Stallones faculty photoLorann Stallones, Professor, CICRC Director100B Sage(970) 491-6156
Michael Steger faculty photoMichael Steger, Professor215 BHSCI(970) 491-7324
Randall C Swaim faculty photoRandall C Swaim, Research Scientist106 Sage Hall(970) 491-6961
Michael Thomas faculty photoMichael Thomas, Assistant Professor237 BHSCI(970) 491-6820
Sara Anne Tompkins faculty photoSara Anne Tompkins, Assistant Professor, Graduate Programming Coordinator236 BHSCI(907) 491-6784
Vicki J. Volbrecht faculty photoVicki J. Volbrecht, Professor238 BHSCI(970) 491-7553
Chris Wickens faculty photoChris Wickens, Affiliate Professor247 BHSCI
Jessica Witt faculty photoJessica Witt, Professor241 BHSCI(970) 491-3018

Emeritus Faculty

Paul A. Bell, Professor Emeritus
Thomas L. Bennett, Professor Emeritus
Larry J. Bloom, Professor Emeritus
Bill Boyer, Professor Emeritus
Charles W. Cole, Professor Emeritus
Jerry L. Deffenbacher, Professor Emeritus
Scott B. Hamilton, Professor Emeritus
Jacob E. Hautaluoma, Professor Emeritus
Ross J. Loomis, Professor Emeritus
Dean Miller, Professor Emeritus
Eugene R. Oetting, Professor Emeritus
Bill Richards, Professor Emeritus
Richard M. Suinn, Professor Emeritus
George C. Thornton III, Professor Emeritus
Frank J. Vattano, Professor Emeritus
A. Wayne Viney, Professor Emeritus

Administrative Staff

Rosa Batko, Academic Success Coordinator
(970) 491-2929
Email: Rosa.Batko@colostate.edu

Bobby Childs, Assistant Computer Coordinator
(970) 491-1619
Email: bobby.childs@colostate.edu

Kelli Gupton, Academic Success Coordinator
(970) 491-2412
Email: Kelli.Gupton@colostate.edu

Ginger Lacy-Gill, Office Manager
(970) 491-6363
Email: Ginger.Lacy-Gill@colostate.edu

Cassidy McLaren, Academic Success Coordinator
(970) 491-2298
Email: Cassidy.McLaren@ColoState.edu

Donna Merwarth, Computer Coordinator, TechFee Committee Chair
(970) 491-3640
Email: Donna.Merwarth@colostate.edu

Julie Moore, Administrative Assistant
(970) 491-3799
Email: Julie.Moore@colostate.edu

Terri Ratzlaff, Financial Coordinator
(970) 491-6762
Email: terri.ratzlaff@colostate.edu

Samantha Sickbert, Academic Success Coordinator
(970) 491-1463
Email: Samantha.Sickbert@colostate.edu

Erin Whipple, Grant Support Coordinator
(970) 491-4306
Email: erin.whipple@colostate.edu