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Kathryn Rickard

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Associate Professor, Director Integrated Health Psychology Clinic, Psychological Services Center. Faculty Ombuds, Colorado State University
Counseling Psychology

Phone: (970) 491-5121
Office Location: 211 BHSCI (Psychology) 316 General Services Building (Ombuds)

PhD: University of Georgia, 1983
Area of Specialization: Clinical Psychology
Teaching Courses: Counseling Psychology Supervision Course, Individual and Group, Group Course in Counseling in Diagnosis (CSUHN), Exercise and Sport Psychology Seminar, Intro to Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Lifestyle Changes for Mental and Physical Health
Office Hours:
Monday- | Tuesday- | Wednesday- | Thursday- | Friday- | By Appointment- X

Current Research: Health Psychology-the Process of Health
Physical Manifestation of Health related to Health Practices
-Therapeutic Lifestyle Change
-Well-Being and Engagement
-Vitality, Savoring, Mindfulness and Spirituality
Specific Health Issues: Hypothyroidism, Obesity, GI and Cardiovascular
Health Promotion Programs
Multi-generational Communication/Modeling of Health Behavior
Food Disorders
Child Adjustment
Parent-Child Relationships
Influences of Nutrition/Exercise on Learning and Competence in Children
Health Promotion Programs for Children

Vita: rickard.pdf

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