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Mark Prince

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Assistant Professor, Associate Director of Addiction Counseling
Counseling Psychology

Phone: (970) 491-1377
Office Location: 212 BHSCI

PhD: Syracuse University, 2014
Area of Specialization: Clinical Psychology with a specialization in addictive behaviors, plus an additional Masters in Applied Statistics.
Teaching Courses: Psy 210 Psychology of the Individual in Context
Office Hours:
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Current Research: My research is focused on identifying mechanisms of behavior change in addiction and on developing interventions targeting these mechanisms. My intervention efforts have focused on brief individually-tailored interventions that can be disseminated on a large scale. In addition, my quantitative interests include Mixture Modeling to identify latent profiles or trajectories of substance use behaviors, and Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling to examine relationships among context-specific psychological constructs. The overall goal of my work is to develop effective treatment approaches for those individuals seeking help for substance use problems. To achieve this goal, I believe that it is critical to understand patterns in the clinical course of substance use disorders, as well as the ways in which people are successful in achieving change.

Vita: prince.pdf

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