Benjamin A. Clegg

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Web Page: https://sites.google.com/rams.colostate.edu/benclegg/

Education: Ph.D., University of Oregon, 1998
Area of Specialization: Training and Skill Acquisition, Automation and Performance, Applied Cognitive Psychology.

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Current Research: Some of my most central research interests can be characterized as falling within the areas of skill acquisition and training. A core current component of this research has been studies of the impact of automation on training, looking at how the presence of automated systems changes performance, and in particular, underlying learning. I have also extended my work into aspects of skilled performance – including issues like the use of automation and supervisory control, situation awareness, and most recently workload.



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Gutzwiller, R. S., Clegg, B. A., & Blitch, J. G. (2013). Part-task training in the context of automation: Current and future directions. American Journal of Psychology, 126 (4), 417-432.

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