Patricia A. Aloise-Young

Associate Professor
Applied Social and Health PsychologyPatricia A. faculty image
Office: 221 BHSCI
Phone: (970) 491-6941
Email: Patricia.Aloise-Young@colostate.edu

PhD: University of Florida, 1990
Area of Specialization: energy conservation; social influence, normative interventions, healthy homes

Teaching Courses: Research Methods; Environmental Psychology; Energy Efficiency graduate seminar
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Current Research: Currently, the majority of my research is focused on energy conservation. Specifically, my current research has two main threads: behavioral engagement and sociotechnical systems.
Behavioral engagement: I specialize in designing, implementing, and evaluating programs whose goal is to promote sustainable behavior change. I started this research program in collaboration with my former student, Adam Zaleski. We implemented a social norms intervention in the CSU residence halls and we were able to reduce energy usage by 12%. I have designed programs such as this both as a CSU researcher and as a consultant (Carōs Consulting). Although I have designed programs for commercial and residential audiences, my particular focus is low-income residential (Reaves, Clevenger, Nobe, & Aloise-Young, 2016; Fylan, Glew, Smith, Johnston, Brooke-Peat, Miles-Shenton, Fletcher, Aloise-Young, & Gorse, 2016). The largest program that I have undertaken to date is a partnership with the Colorado Weatherization Assistance Program (Sandoval & Aloise-Young, 2018). Together with my student, Perla Sandoval, we evaluated the current practices of the Denver, CO Energy Resource Center and then developed a behavioral engagement program for staff to implement. The Weatherization Assistance Program is a national program funded by the Department of Energy to provide low-income, disabled and elderly individuals with free energy efficient upgrades to their homes. In 2019 we will begin working with the Illinois WAP to begin to scale up our program.
Sociotechnical systems: The idea behind sociotechnical systems is that both behavior and technology are integral to the success of sustainable solutions (Zipperer, Aloise-Young, Suryanarayanan, Roche, Earle, Christensen, Bauleo, & Zimmerle, 2013; Aloise-Young, Cross, & Sandoval, 2016). For instance, I have been collaborating with colleagues in Electrical & Computer Engineering and at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for several years on a project focused on the design of smart homes (Kadavil, Lurbe, Suryanarayanan, Aloise-Young, Isley, & Christensen, 2018). We designed a home energy management system that can integrate signals from the utility with homeowners' preferences for how their appliances should operate. This design was the recipient of a prestigious R&D 100 award
In 2019 we will begin a new project focused on grid resilience following hurricanes.

Recent Publications

Sandoval, P.K., & Aloise-Young, P.A. (2018). Creating behavioural engagement programmes that work: A case study from the U.S. Weatherization Assistance Program. Paper presented at the Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society conference, Dublin, Ireland. pp 157-167 https://www.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/-/media/files/research/seeds-conference/seeds-conference-proceedings-2018.pdf

Kadavil, R., Lurbe, S., Suryanarayanan, S., Aloise-Young, P.A., Isley, S., & Christensen, D. (2018). An application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process for prioritizing user preferences in the design of a Home Energy Management System. Sustainable Energy, Grids and Networks, 16, 196-206. doi:10.1016/j.segan.2018.07.009.

Aloise-Young, P.A., Cross, J.E., & Sandoval, P.K. (2016). If you build it, will they come? Getting consumers on board with the future of the smart grid. In S. Suryanarayanan, R. Roche & T. Hansen (Eds.), Cyber-Physical-Social Systems and Constructs in Electric Power Engineering (pp. 319-344). London, UK: Institution of Engineering & Technology Publishing.

Fylan, F., Glew, D., Smith, M., Johnston, D., Brooke-Peat, M., Miles-Shenton, D., Fletcher, M. Aloise-Young, P. Gorse, C. (2016). Reflections on retrofits: Overcoming barriers to energy efficiency among the fuel poor in the United Kingdom. Energy Research and Social Science, 21, 190-8. . doi: 10.1016/j.erss.2016.08.002

Reaves, D., Clevenger, C., Nobe, M., & Aloise-Young, P.A. (2016). Identifying perceived barriers and benefits to reducing energy consumption in an affordable housing complex. Social Marketing Quarterly, 22, 159-178. doi: 10.1177/1524500416632406

Research Projects

Social and Engineering Constructs for Uniquely Re-Energizing Hurricane-affected Grids: This interdisciplinary project seeks solutions for re-energizing the electric grid in hurricane-affected areas by considering the convergence of unique aspects of social science and power systems engineering. In this research, we will consider data from survey respondents-stakeholders from community, utilities, and relief providers as well as information on power systems engineering principles to achieve high resiliency, low fragility, and acceptable sustainability in electric grid operation.