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Undergraduate Research Assistants Needed.

The major purpose for undergraduate research is to provide an opportunity for qualified undergraduates to obtain firsthand, supervised research experiences in psychology. Students may assist professors and/or graduate students with a research project by helping to prepare the study, collect data, and/or enter data into computers.

Students can obtain pass/fail elective credit for their assistance if desired, or they can serve as a research assistant voluntarily. Whichever option is selected, obtaining research experience can be a valuable asset when applying for graduate school or jobs after graduation.

Please read each project description carefully, and contact the professor or graduate student listed for further information.

Project: Cognitive Aging and Online Training?

Date Posted: 8/28/18
Description: This is a one semester project to finish a study started a year ago that factors that facilitate or hurt older adults (ages 55-70) from learning in an online context. We collected data from both college students and older adults who completed a brief online training program under various conditions. The next steps in the project are to score their test responses ?to measure learning, analyze the data, and write up the study.
Duties: Reliably scoring short answer questions using a protocol. Meetings to be trained in scoring and to calibrate scoring. Update the literature review. RAs are welcome to participate in the statistical analysis and review drafts of a paper for publication.
Minimum requirements: Must have completed PSY 250 and have at least a 3.0 GPA. Taking cognitive psychology is a plus but not necessary. In the I/O concentration is a plus, but not necessary.?
Research assistant positions open: 3-4
Contact info: Contact
Additional information: Students who are currently in the MUGGS program should identify who their graduate mentor is.
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Deadline: 12/1/18

Project: Dr. Cleary's Human Memory Lab

Date Posted: 8/28/18
Description: This lab studies human memory processes and various phenomena of human memory. Examples include: The ability to recall a prior experience, the ability to recognize a situation as familiar when recall fails, the ability to control which things to remember and which to forget, the processes that produce feelings of familiarity, deja vu experiences, and tip-of-the-tongue experiences, as well as the neurological underpinnings of these types of memory processes.
Duties: Duties include aiding in stimulus preparation, data collection, data coding, lab organization, and attending lab meetings. Contributions to future projects and bigger future roles are available for students who demonstrate motivation and capability.
Minimum requirements: Reliable, conscientious, self-motivated students are needed. A GPA of 3.5 or greater is preferred, but we will consider students with lower GPAs who are highly motivated & have other indicators of potential to succeed in our lab.
Research assistant positions open: 8
Contact info: Please email Dr. Anne Cleary at:
Application Instructions: Email: Name, Year in School, GPA, How many hours you are willing to work during the week, Days you are available, Research interersts, Plans after graduation.
Application Deadline: 8/31/18

Project: Dr. Canetto's Genders Research Team

Date Posted: 8/28/18
Description: Dr. Canetto's research team is looking for 1-2 research assistants. A primary research study focuses on the role of gender and culture in science and engineering interest, persistence and success. Another study examines gender, culture and suicidal behavior. To be eligible, students need to be able to dedicate a minimum of 6 hours per week (2 credits) for two semesters.
Duties: Attending weekly research seminar (Fall semester 2018 it is Mondays 4-5), conducting literature reviews, reading and presenting articles, interview transcription, data entry and coding, research team organization, preparation of reports and presentations, and other duties.
Minimum requirements: 1. A GPA of 3.0 or greater is preferred, but students with lower GPAs who have other indicators of research motivation and success (for example, students who are conscientious, self-motivated, and organized) will be considered. 2. Ability to work 6-9 hours/week (2-3 credits).
Research assistant positions open: 1-2
Contact info: Veronica Scherbak,
Additional information: Application Requirements: Name; Contact information; Yr. in School; Major(s); GPA; Major GPA; # of hrs per week you are willing to work/week (a minimum of 6 hours per week is required); past and current research experience, and reason for interest.
Application Instructions: Interested students should email Veronica Scherbak their application. Please include the information listed above as APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS. Please attach a resume if you have one.
Application Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.

Project: Parental alienation: understanding power and aggression in families after divorce

Date Posted: 8/28/18
Description: This project entails being part of a research team that is conducting two separate qualitative analyses of interview transcripts that were conducted with parents who have been alienated from their children. The first project is examining power dynamics in families that are affected by this problem, and the other is examining gender differences in the use of different aggressive behaviors that are commonly used by parents who alienate their children from another parent.
Duties: Students will be trained on the detailed coding schemes used to analyze the transcripts, and then work on small teams or in pairs to code the transcripts. The first step of the coding process entails working individually, and then meeting with the team/partner to compare and reconcile coding. The student will also meet every other week for a lab meeting with the entire team.
Minimum requirements: Students should have completed research methods (PSY250) and the social psychology lab (PSY317), or be currently enrolled in PSY317. Students should have a GPA of 3.4 or higher. Students must register for 2-3 research credits.
Research assistant positions open: Five
Contact info: Interested students should contact Dr. Jennifer Harman ( and/or visit her office on Tuesday, January 16th 12-2 pm, or Friday, January 19th between 10 and 1 pm.
Additional information: Only apply for this project if you feel that the topic is something you want to do something about, and if you feel comfortable reading about how other families have been dealing with this problem. Students must register for 2-3 research credits
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Deadline: Friday, January 19th

Project: Family Relationships and Development

Date Posted: 8/28/18
Description: Research team is looking for several undergraduate students to be trained to assist with administration of a standardized task used to measure responding to stressful experiences. Students who join the team can receive course credit.
Duties: Dr. Lucas-Thompson will train undergraduate students to assist in meetings with adolescents from the community during some nights and weekends.
Minimum requirements: N/A
Research assistant positions open: Several
Contact info: Interested students should email Dr. Lucas-Thompson ( with a curriculum vitae or resume.
Application Instructions: Email Dr. Lucas-Thompson (
Application Deadline: NA

Project: Dr. Clegg's Lab

Date Posted: 01/27/2018
Description: The Clegg Lab conducts research investigating a variety of aspects of human performance, particularly how to apply principles from cognitive psychology to real-world tasks and skills. The work examines issues such as training and automation.
Duties: Research assistants help by running participants in studies, they assist with the data, and sometimes get involves in setting experiments up. RAs in the lab should be willing to commit 3 or more hours per week to the job.
Minimum requirements: Ideally students have a GPA of 3.2+, and are reliable and self-motivated.
Research assistant positions open: Varies
Contact info: Email
Application Instructions: Email to let us know you are interested, and explain why you want to become an RA.
Application Deadline: NA

Project: Health, Emotion, and Aging Research Team (HEART)

Date Posted: 8/29/18
Description: The research conducted by the HEART (directed by Dr. Gloria Luong, Dept of Human Development and Family Studies) examines how people respond to stressors in daily life and major life events, and how such stressful experiences may influence health and well-being. We also study how these stressful experiences may differ across the lifespan and across different cultural contexts. We use a number of techniques to address these research questions, including lab experimental paradigms and experience sampling studies that collect data in daily life.
Duties: Primary duties involve data collection (interviewing research participants, collecting lab data), entering data, and recruiting research participants in the community (e.g., older adults). Other duties may involve data coding and analysis, literature reviews, and contacting community collaborators on projects. We have biweekly lab meetings to discuss the research projects.
Minimum requirements: Students must have at least a 3.0 GPA and be willing to commit to at least 2 semesters in the lab. Students should sign up for at least 2 credits (6 lab hours/week)
Research assistant positions open: 4 positions open
Contact info: Email for an application and more information
Application Instructions: Email for an application and more information
Application Deadline: Recruiting will continue on a rolling basis until positions are filled but priority will be given to applications submitted sooner

Project: Eye-tracking Food Selection Behaviors

Date Posted: 8/29/18
Description: Dr. Graham's research lab is recruiting for two studies, each giving research assistants the chance to expand their lab experience. The first study is an on-going eye-tracking study; we are using cutting-edge eye-tracking cameras to measure the factors involved in participants' food selection behaviors. This will give research assistants the opportunity to engage with psychophysiological data collection. For more specific details, contact Ashlie Johnson. The second study is an eye-tracking project in the data analysis phase. We will be analyzing data from an extensive study on a few key factors. This will be a great opportunity for assistants to get hands-on experience with coding, adding a boost to the qualitative side of their research repertoire.
Duties: STUDY 1: This is a very hands-on position! Assistants will be trained to use the Eye-Link eye-tracking equipment and will be responsible for engaging with the participants to collect data. STUDY 2: Assistants will work as part of a trained team viewing eye-tracking footage to code for several key characteristics. Students will be required to attend short training sessions and calibration meetings to provide consensus codes as a team.
Minimum requirements: To participate in research for this lab, it is preferred that students have a GPA of 3.5 or higher, however, considerations can be made for highly motivated applicants with lower GPAs. Applicants need to have completed an introductory Psychology course.
Research assistant positions open: 5-10
Contact info: To apply for the assistantship for either project, please contact Ashlie Johnson at
Additional information: Include name, year in school, GPA, how many hours you are willing to work during the week, days/times available, previous research experience (if applicable), plans after graduation, and which study most interests you.
Application Instructions:
Application Deadline: Recruitment will continue until positions are filled, and priority will be given to the earliest qualified applicants.

Project: Dr. Crain's Lab

Date Posted: 8/28/18
Description: We are looking for students interested in I-O psychology to help with research projects related to the work-family interface, sleep and fatigue, and occupational stress. This is a volunteer position with possible opportunities for research credits after 1 semester of work. Students must be able to commit to 5-9 hours per week of work, which may take place in the lab and/or during the student's own time.
Duties: Running lab studies with participants, scoring of objective sleep data, literature reviews, survey development, data analysis, and writing of papers. Note that students need no prior research experience; training will be provided for all tasks.
Minimum requirements: Must have completed PSY 250 and have at least a 3.0 GPA. Being in the I-O concentration is a plus, but not necessary.
Research assistant positions open: 3-5
Contact info: Dr. Tori Crain (
Additional information: Students who are currently in the MUGSS program should identify who their graduate mentor is.
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Deadline: until filled

Project: Ecopsychology and Horticultural Therapy

Date Posted: 8/31/18
Description: Current projects include a review on integrating ecopsychology when teaching psychology courses and a project about horticultural therapy for youth who have experienced trauma.
Duties: The undergraduate research assistant would primarily assist with literature reviews and reviewing drafts, with the possibility of presenting at a conference. Opportunity to expand duties according to preference and with experience.
Minimum requirements: GPA of 3.0, ability to take on 1-2 credits (3-6 hours per week), comfortable searching article databases, and strong attention to detail. Completion of Introduction to Horticultural Therapy and/or Research Methods in Psychology is a plus.
Research assistant positions open: 1
Contact info:
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project with name, year in school, GPA, number of hours you would like to work per week, and reason for interest
Application Deadline: until filled

Project: Sensation Seeking and Health Risk Behaviors

Date Posted: 8/17/18
Description: We are interested in the relationship between sensation seeking as a personality type and high-risk health behaviors such as substance use, sexual behavior, and delinquency. In conjunction with this research, we are interested in identifying behavioral measures which correlate with sensation seeking.
Duties: Students will work with a graduate research assistant through the Counseling Psychology program to administer a range of studies and behavioral measures to PSY100 research participants. The position requires 4.5 hours per week throughout the Fall 2018 semester.
Minimum requirements: We are looking for students with a strong interest in research and research application. Successful applicants will be reliable, collaborative and detail-oriented. Completion of PSY250 (Research Methods in Psychology) and PSY360 (Psychology of Drug Addiction Treatment) a plus.
Research assistant positions open: Several undergraduate research positions are available for the Fall 2018 semester.
Contact info: Email Megan Gardner at or Brad Conner at In your email, please include reason for interest, year in school, major(s), GPA, and major GPA.
Additional information: Underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply.
Application Instructions: Email or call the contact for this project.
Application Deadline: Until filled.

Project: The Adult Development and Aging ProjecT (ADAPT)

Date Posted: 8/16/18
Description: The Adult Development and Aging ProjecT (ADAPT) lab is looking for research assistants to work on projects investigating issues of adult development and aging, including questions related to personality and social-emotional development. Motivated students who are interested in learning about all aspects of developmental research, including study design and research methods, are welcome to apply.
Duties: Participant recruitment, literature searches and summarizing of literature, data entry and data management, basic statistical analyses using SPSS and/or SAS (with guidance).
Minimum requirements: Reliable, conscientious, and self-motivated student. GPA of 3.0 or higher. Basic knowledge in developmental psychology and principles of scientific research. A willingness to attend and participate in a one-hour weekly lab meeting. Preferred qualifications include a basic knowledge of theories of adult development/aging and research methods, ability to work in a team or independently, a desire to be well prepared for graduate school, entering sophomore or junior year, strong academic writing skills.
Research assistant positions open: 2-3
Contact info: Professor: Manfred Diehl ( Project Coordinator: Kat Thompson (primary contact) ( Office: Behavioral Science Building, Room 443 (Diehl) and Room 440 (Lab)
Additional information: Students can obtain pass/fail elective credit for their assistance if desired, or they can serve as a research assistant voluntarily.
Application Instructions: First, download the application form from: . Second, read instructions carefully, and submit your completed application materials to
Application Deadline: We will review applications on a first-come, first-serve basis. RAs are needed for the Fall 2018 semester, starting ASAP.

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