Research Pool for PSY100 and PSY250 courses

All students who are enrolled in PSY100 and PSY250 at Colorado State University are required to serve as participants in six hours of research conducted in the department of psychology during the current academic semester. The purpose of this requirement is to provide first-hand experience as a participant to enhance your understanding of the methodologies used in the conduct of psychological research, and provide an "insiders" view of research involving humans. To see a full list of research scheduled this semester, please log into the system.

It is expected that everyone will fulfill this requirement through direct research participation. If this poses a problem for you, there is an alternate way of fulfilling the requirement: (Option B). Option B consists of writing six (6) 2 page research reports based on these assigned articles. The articles are available online ONLY. Note that you must indicate your choice of Option B by Tuesday of the third week of class.

If you have not yet reached your 18th birthday you may not be eligible to participate in some psychology research without the express written consent of your parent or legal guardian. Review the study inclusion criteria to determine if participants under the age of 18 must obtain parent permission or not. Parent consent/permission forms can be obtained from the researcher in charge of the study. For studies that require a parent's signature for students under the age of 18, it is the student's responsibility to secure the permission forms, obtain their parent's signature, and return to the researcher. Parents will be provided information about the research in the consent document, and are welcome to contact the researcher with questions. Students younger than 18 years of age may elect Option B (writing assignments as described above) as a substitute for direct participation in research, but are not required to do so.

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