Research Pool for PSY100 and PSY250 courses

PY100 Research Participation FAQ

Extra Credit for research can be earned in 2 ways.

If you were marked absent from a study.....

You are no longer eligible for any Extra Credit for research participation. You will be limited to a maximum of 6 research credits.

Please contact the researcher for any questions about your absence. Remember that the researcher really needs your participation and researchers will usually reschedule with you or excuse your absence dependant on the researchers policies for such matters.

If you were marked absent from two or more studies....

You are no longer eligible to participate in research. You will receive the credit for any research you participated in, but you will be unable to sign up for any more research.

Why are there negative consequences for earning an absent mark?

Consider for a moment that you had made an appointment with your doctor. You are required to show up to the appointment, and if you don't they sometimes expect payment even if you weren't there. If you make an appointment, you are expected to show up. It is a matter of courtesy for your instructors, and for the researchers that you make it to the appointments you schedule. Please also consider that by not showing up for your scheduled appointment, you are taking that appointment away from another student who would have shown up. Accidents and illnesses happen, and we make allowances for these conditions.

We have learned from running a research pool for 10+ years that without a negative consequence, participants do not show up for scheduled appointments almost twice as often. We encourage students to show up with a positive consequence of earning extra credit for showing up for their scheduled appointments.