Research Pool for PSY100 and PSY250 courses

PY100 Research Participation FAQ

Where are the articles located?

The Option B articles are located on line only. Option B Articles are located here.

How many papers do I have to complete?

You are required to complete six (6) Option B Papers. You have the option to earn extra credit by completing four (4) more Option B papers.

How do I complete a "Option B" Report?

An Option B Paper is a research report based on the assigned articles for your PY100 section available on line Here. The articles are available online ONLY.
1. Each report should be 2 typed double spaced pages. Please use a 12pt font. (This should equal a Word count of 700 to 750)
2. Include the name of the article and the author(s).
3. A cover page must include your name, Student ID number, instructors name and section number.
4. Turn in your report online.

Content Requirements for Option B Reports

1. Focus on the participant's role in the study.  Describe the participants, procedures, and methods used.
2. Write what you imagine it would have been like to have participated in the study.  Describe what you would have been thinking and feeling if you had been a participant.
3. Include a brief statement about the purpose of the study as well as your evaluation of the conclusion reached.  You may skip the statistical portion of the Result section.  Instead, focus on the Introduction, Method, Procedure, and Discussion sections.
4. Be reminded of the University policy statement on academic honesty and that plagiarism is a serious offense that may result in academic dismissal.

How do I turn in an Option B report?

For everyone's convenience, we suggest you turn in your paper electronically through the PY100 Research Program. Do not e-mail your paper to your instructor, or hand a physical copy to them.

Please only turn in .doc, .docx, or .pdf files. We don't always have right software to read your papers. Turning in these types of files guarantees we can read them. The system will not allow you to post other file types. You can get around this usually by doing a "save as" in your paper writing program, and choosing the .doc, .docs, or .pdf file type.

When are papers due?

All Option B papers must be turned in online not later than the date noted in your syllabus. The due date is about four week prior to the last day of classes to allow us the time it takes to grade all papers.