Edward L. DeLosh

Associate ProfessorEdward L. faculty image
Office: 245 BHSCI
Phone: (970) 491-5389
Email: Ed.DeLosh@colostate.edu

Education: Ph.D., Purdue University, 1996
Area of Specialization: Cognitive science with a focus on human learning and memory, retrieval processes, educational applications of learning and memory principles

Teaching Courses: PSY 152 Science of Learning; PSY 252 Mind, Brain, & Behavior; PSY 452 Cognitive Psychology; PSY 600F Advanced Psychology - Human Learning and Memory
Office Hours:
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Current Research: My research program centers on basic encoding and retrieval processes in human learning and memory. One particular focus is on how the act of retrieval enhances subsequent memory, as observed in the testing effect. I am particularly drawn to learning and memory phenomena with direct applications to teaching and student learning. My work therefore has both a theoretical and applied orientation.


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