Mark Prince

Associate Professor, Associate Director of Addiction Counseling
Counseling Psychology
Masters in Addiction Counseling ProgramMark faculty image
Office: 343 BHSCI
Phone: (970) 491-1377
Email: Mark.Prince@colostate.edu

Education: Ph.D., Syracuse University, 2014
Area of Specialization: Clinical Psychology with a specialization in addictive behaviors, plus an additional Masters in Applied Statistics.

Teaching Courses: Psy 210 Psychology of the Individual in Context
Office Hours:
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Current Research: My research is focused on identifying mechanisms of behavior change in addiction and on developing interventions targeting these mechanisms. My intervention efforts have focused on brief individually-tailored interventions that can be disseminated on a large scale. In addition, my quantitative interests include Mixture Modeling to identify latent profiles or trajectories of substance use behaviors, and Multilevel Structural Equation Modeling to examine relationships among context-specific psychological constructs. The overall goal of my work is to develop effective treatment approaches for those individuals seeking help for substance use problems. To achieve this goal, I believe that it is critical to understand patterns in the clinical course of substance use disorders, as well as the ways in which people are successful in achieving change.



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Prince Lab: Our lab brings together faculty, graduate students, post-baccalaureate and undergraduate students interested in studying the nature and treatment of substance use problems, as well as the use of advanced statistical and quantitative methods. We focus on understanding factors related to intervention, prevention, and mechanisms of change. We disseminate our work through research publications, conference presentations, collaboration, and other training opportunities.